Monday, May 09, 2005

Marla Sightings

1. Toward the end of the Enron movie, it's the summer of 2001. While Jeff Skilling is speaking before the public about the California energy crisis, he receives a pie in the face. The pie thrower is escorted from the room. In the next shot we see Marla being similarly "escorted" and saying, "Where I work, half the people come to me and say they can't pay their electric bill."

2. There is a very revealing interview with Marla beginning at page 299 of the book - Embedded: The Media War in Iraq, An Oral History - by Bill Katovsky and Timothy Carlson. Among other things, she talks about undergoing an identity change after consoling traumatized young reporters in Afghanistan and why she spent so much time swimming.

Just wanted to share these "sightings",

Terry Silver
Ypsilanti, Michigan